Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's post number 40!


Everyone said, "No way, won't make it."

Oh yeah? Well, hah. And double hah.

In honor of today's 40th post, which is pretty lame, considering how long I've been doing this blog, I submit to you: 40 words that make me smile.

Now let me be clear: There is no criteria for this other than the aforementioned. They don't have to be meaningful, or funny, or related in any way. Fact is, I may even have a hard time coming up with 40 words. I promise you this: If I do, I will randomly put down words that don't necessarily make me smile. That's right, I'll lie to you about words, just to achieve my admittedly random goal. I will try to make all of the words words I like.

1. Pants
2. Light
3. Hat
4. Cheese
5. Monkey
6. Toaster
7. Radio
8. Potato
9. Chicken
10. Uncle
11. Sizzle
12. Gouda
13. Anton
14. Cellulite
15. Grandpa
16. Nasal
17. Tingle
18. Shudder
19. Foreshortened
20. Antenna (especially when pronounced An-tan-nah)
21. Wobble
22. Guzzle
23. Unctuous
24. Mellifluous
25. Constipated
26. Anxiety
27. Toenail
28. Murphy (especially pronounced with a strong Irish accent: Mour-fee)
29. Hamburger (the word, not the thing)
30. Rampant
31. Fleshy
32. Change
33. Idaho
34. Forehead
35. Grater
36. Zesty (it sounds like such a marketing word)
37. Jiggle
38. Tug
39. Jittery
40. Drowsy

Yay, I did it, and as far as I can tell, I like these words!

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