Thursday, July 3, 2008

Old music

It's funny...I usually get irritated by radio music. I know, the regular snobby rant, All of the stuff I like never gets played on the radio. I'm so different and superior.
Yeah yeah yeah.

But it's true....I do feel that way. Most big hits that are any good get overplayed, and everything
else just seems lame.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I agree, bu so what. Put you headphones back on and listen to your Zune, dork.

Sure, sure, but what I've realized is that my brain seems to long for the R&B pop songs of my teen years. The stuff I HATED at the time. What's up with that? Whenever one comes on, it's all, "Holy crap! It's this song!" It's not the same as me liking Too Shy by Kajagoogoo even though it's cheesy. I understand that pehnomena - nostalgia. But how come I'm feeling nostalgia for something I never liked before?

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