Sunday, July 13, 2008

Five things worth being happy about....

I don't write enough. Je suis lazeeeee. Mais, I will tell you five things that make me happy at the moment.

Anyway, five things that are making me happy:

1. Understanding friends...We all fell like total weirdo freaks once in a while, right? Well, I know that I do. It's very nice to have friends who listen without (or at least apparently without) judgment. (Hm...I thought judgment had an e after the g. Thank you spellchecker!) It's awfully good to have people around who show acceptance when you feel like you're the odd one in the room.

2. Great music...I had been on such a podcast kick, and then, suddenly, it's all about music for me. The Ting Tings, Carbon/Silicon, Santogold, Sons and Daughters, She Wants Revenge, The Kills...They are making life listenable again!

3. I am a creative soul, and that makes me feel sooooo good. I've had the opportunity to share my artwork with a new audience lately, and the response has been so nice. I can't wait for Tuesday's figure drawing.

4. Reconnecting with old friends. There's nothing like the smile of someone you haven't seen in a while.

5. Sharing food and games with a good group of people. Thank you devil, for inviting me tonight. I'm really looking forward to it!

I am so sappy!


Surfer Nancy said...

Here's to fiends like YOU! Yes, fiends. Thanks for turning me onto The Black Kids...

lightning in a bottle said...

love it. you and i are on the same musical wavelength! i saw she wants revenge who opened for placebo in new york - such a good show. love "dance me in" from s&d.

and i'm gong to see the kills with guests the horrors come may.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I'm jealous!
The only thing on my horizon (and I'm not sure I'm even going) is that Flight of the Conchords are coming to Orlando.

lightning in a bottle said...

bret and jemaine are hilarious! love bret's serenade "if you're into it" for his girlfriend. the reaction on her face is priceless.