Saturday, June 21, 2008

What is life like...

for a character like me these days?

School, well not school, but fun-camp is pretty good. I'm making movies with kids this week, and after that, it's making the ridiculous toy robots out of electronics junk. Now I just need to find a source for electronics junk!

My apartment is an absolute mess. Dog hair needs taking up. I've got enough here that I could seriously have a go at felting! Also, recycling, straightening, and a system for handling my great volume of mail should be approached. Time is spent instead on other pursuits.

Chief among these is bicycling, which I'm still enjoying immensely. Nothing compares. It's rare that I'm happier than I am on a bike.

I also seem to spend too much time online. Let's leave it at that. If you're reading this, you probably do, too.

I've started watching Weeds s.1, and I like it tremendously. The gossip and the pettiness astound me! I'm also rewatching LOST from the beginning. I'm hoping to armchair quarterback the show.

I'm heading to the free figure drawing sessions at a local gallery. I had been thinking of it already, and ran into T. on her way. She said it was the best thing going on in her life right now. I want in. Then I'd have two best things in my life. It sounds fun to get back into drawing more.

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