Wednesday, May 28, 2008


It's been far too long, Internet peoples. How are you?

I have been shouldered lately by money and gift cards coming in faster than I could spend them.

The thing is, once I have some extravagant basics (definition: as far as the world is concerned, these things are extravagant, as far as Americans are concerned, they're pretty basic things of life),there's not a whole lot I need. I like my bicycle. There's not a lot of reason to upgrade it. Sure, new wheels would be nice, but the ones I have now have never been out of true, and roll pretty damned well. I've got a laptop that does everything I want it to. I'm sure I could be happy with a prettier television (and hockey would be watchable without sitting 32 inches away), but is it really necessary? I only watch bike races, playoff basketball and hockey, and Thursday night TV (30 Rock, LOST, the Office).

So I've got the cards, and I kind of want to do something fun. And I'm listening to Jesse Thorn's interview with Nellie McKay, and for the second time, I hear her play Mother of Pearl on ukelele, doing all her own accompaniment. Frankly, I like it better than the album cut. And now I want a ukulele. That's next. Hooray!

And now, the 1-woman version of the song: