Saturday, March 8, 2008

10 Things from my Desk

I was inspired by my friend Steve's assemblage piece about Dad's Desk Drawer to take a look inside my desk for tonight's post. Here are some of the things I found.

1. A Harry Truman campaign button. I was impressed with it's history, until I found the word 'Reproduction' on the back. I looked around, and found out that in 1972, old campaign buttons were being given out as promotional materials.

2. This is a long, thin strip of cardboard that I drew on in 2003. I was really into drawing derivatives of people. Trapezoidal heads, and very simple features were my thing. I really like this, and may use it as a bookmark.

3. Sketch I did for a painting. The painting is long sold, but I still have the originating artwork. That's halfway a lie, though. I stole the pose of these three girls from an Entertainment Weekly cover with Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keys, and India.Aire.

4. Poppin' Fresh, and his wife, Poppie. I got them in the mail from Pillsbury when I was a kid. They're in pretty dirty shape now these days. They've been in the desk forever, but when I shook Poppie, she still had pepper inside.

5. Neat fold-out knife promoting GMC Parts T.O.P.S. program. I have no idea what that is, but I dig the knife.

6. When I lived in Michigan, I found this button on the ground. It must've been about 1999. That would make these girls 25-27 years old today. They were cheerleaders for the high school in Ferndale. This is kind of a strange thing to still have.

7. Guest book for my art show, Eindunzwanzig Frauen. It was a show of 13 paintings with 21 womens' faces in the paintings. The show was at Xhedos Cafe in Ferndale, MI in 2002. A quick search online tells me that Xhedos changed hands in 2006, and is now AJ's Music Cafe. I miss Xhedos. They had good sandwiches, good music, and they gave me my first art show.

8. A photo I came across somewhere (a flea market, maybe?) marked on the back, "Dad and mum," and, "31." She looks happier than he does to be sitting, fully dressed on a beach of stones somewhere.
9. My grandfather had very large belt buckles. I wore the eagle one once, but it was just too large.

10. A photo from my show at the 2'x2' Gallery. Many of the pieces are still available at Simple Gestures in St. Augustine.

Looking at these things makes me feel like Templeton, the rat, in Charlotte's Web. Well, kind of. I am a pack rat, but I'm not voiced by an aging, acerbic gay man.


Anonymous said...

Did you eat the pepper in Poppie?

Magic Pants Jones said...

I've eaten pepper from Poppie in the past, but I haven't eaten any lately. I'm assuming that after many years, Poppie's pepper is less potent.