Friday, February 1, 2008

It's...Five for Friday!

1. Positivity
For some reason, at this point in history, I am unable to write about living with a positive outlook without sounding like my words are coming out of Parade magazine or a Family Circle cartoon. So here's the rub: life is full of crap. Quit worrying about it and have fun. Be nice. Laugh. Make jokes for yourself, and be relentlessly happy even when it doesn't make sense. You will rub off on yourself, and life will seem better.

2. Friday Breakfast at work
I work at an elementary school. Right across the hall from my classroom door is a kitchen. It's there for the teachers and their classes in my part of the building. Each Friday, someone makes breakfast (there's a schedule). I usually put music on because it seems evil to cook and eat in front of the kids without sharing.
Anyway, it was my morning to make breakfast, and I cooked up some sweet potato/red skin potato hash browns(onions, peppers, and olive oil finished the main ingredient list out) for the folks. It turned out well, but it always makes me so happy. It's nice when we have a chance to hang out during the school week. The pressure's off us and the kids, and for a little while, everything is totally swell. It's a great way to start Friday. It was also a perfect 'make' for my Thing-a-Day2 entry for day 1.

3. This Lady
The Smoking Gun has a weekly roundup of mug shots, and this lady was featured three times in a row! What is she doing to keep getting in trouble? She has nice teeth, so it's not meth. From seeing a lot of stripper busts on the site, I'm inclined to go that way, as she certainly is quite pretty, but I feel bad just making assumptions. Here's a thought, though: She's used to getting busted - she's flashing that dazzling smile in two of the photos. Mystery jailbird, I heart you.

Okay, color me lame for getting all excited over a TV show, but I get excited over some of them. I admit it. 30 Rock and Arrested Development have actually caused me to fall out of a chair. Veronica Mars succeeded in making me watch a teen soap opera. Sure, it was a twisted, noir soap with snappy dialog, but it was soapy nonetheless. That said, LOST has me in a spin. There are times when I'm not sure if I think it's as awesome as it feels like, there are times when I think it's just silly, but I can't stop. I have a tendency to get swept up in things as I'm watching them, but this does have the lingering feeling that I love. I don't get that feeling with the movie you like as you're watching it, but as soon as it's over, you can't remember why. Keep it up, creators of LOST. If you can give 7 more episodes as good as the season premiere, this half season will rock. (Please, producers, just make nice with your writers.)

5. Instant Oatmeal
I bought the Fruit & Cream Variety Pack (Publix brand). Hooray for oatmeal. It makes a great happiness inside me every time.

Ride your bikes, people.

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