Monday, January 28, 2008

Work Stoppage

At some point, one of the pipes beneath the house where I live decided it had too much inside, and it's gone on strike. I thought that maybe I had caused it, but the girl in the flat next door said she's experiencing the same. She said there's sand coming up in her shower.

Well good. Problem diagnosed isn't problem solved, though. The landlord gave cryptic information about a valve somewhere in the front yard that may relieve pressure, and allow for flushin'. It was not to be found, as the last landlord over-landscaped with viney vines and palms. So apparently tomorrow, it'll all be snaked out. Until then, no toilet. It was a visit to Publix today to go to the loo while shopping. Hopefully I don't wake up with anything more than a need to pee!

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