Friday, January 18, 2008

With 10 Minutes to go, it's Five For Friday!

Without any fanfare, here's the list.

Dinner tonight was from

1. Al's Pizza.
And the dinner was yummy. Al's breadstick based pretzels are wonderful, and though I always prefer a simple mushroom pizza, the mushroom, sundried tomato, and garlic pizza we got was deliskious. Unfortunately, it did not work too well while watching ...

This was a movie I should not have liked. The
jumpy camera work made Blair Witch seem steady (there was even a scared runny nose scene at the end). Every time the half-wit wielding the camera was running, I had to make calming noises to my stomach. Also, I had a tough time caring for the characters. They weren't awful, I just didn't find them super-compelling. Nonetheless, I kept watching it, and I enjoyed every nauseating minute. I don't think I'd watch it again without Dramamine, though.

3. My neighborhood cats
They're badasses. I was walking Wes, and this big, fluffy, pampered-looking cat did not budge. She just stared Wes down. I don't want to speak for cats, but this one was willing to back up her confidence with claws. The thing is, if the cat bolts, Wes wants to give chase. These stone idol cats don't twitch. He gets close to a point, then when he realizes they won't move, he starts to back away. This is a dog who understands cat claws.
(not the real neighborhood cat,
I just found this one online)

4. 4-Wheelers in the City

My neighbor had a 4-Wheeler sitting in front of his porch, and all I could picture was riding it around St. Augustine. We need to close off the town to cars for a day so I can ride an ATV all around town. I haven't ridden one (or wanted to) since I was 13, but I suddenly am craving one.

5. The Go Team
Calling their album a cut and paste of samples, vocals, and live instruments is a real undersell. Exuberant and refreshing, I enjoy everything about this band. Proof of Youth really falls right into place in my mind. It's like the Tetris block you've been needing, and it enters the screen in the exact right position for you to clear 4 rows. Brilliant!

Wear fun pants.

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