Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Claudine Longet!

It's Claudine Longet's big day. She's 66 today.

Notable facts include:
> She was once married to popular TV crooner, Andy Williams.
> She had a singing career despite a thin voice. Perhaps she scored her record deals because of her adorable Frenchness and lisped Rs. Or perhaps she scored her record deals because of her dreaminess. You can be the judge below.
> She's also known for shooting her boyfriend, skier-playboy Spider Sabich. After taking her and her kids into his home, the pairing grew strained. According to her diary (obtained without a warrant), the relationship had grown tense and argumentative. Also according to illegally obtained evidence, she had cocaine in her bloodstream at the time. She says he was showing her how the gun worked when it went off. In his face. And his chest. She got off with criminal negligence and 30 days. The judge let her serve it when she had time available - for the sake of the kids.
> After it was all over, her defense lawyer left his wife for Claudine, and they're together still today. Maybe they'll be sharing some crepes for breakfast and some French birthday cake with dinner.

Bonne Anniversaire, Claudine Longet!

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Mois├ęs Marinho said...

Hi, MPJ!
Excellent matter about Claudine. Do you know her direction? Any news about her?

Moises Marinho