Friday, January 25, 2008

Five for Friday

Here's the list:

Every time I hear an NPR story about some ridiculous month based challenge I get a little jealous. I like the idea, but make an album in a month? I'm just not sure it's in me. Lack of musical ability would really hamper my ability to cut an album. Of course, that doesn't stop hundreds of bands, but still - it's not calling out to me. Write a novel? Nah. All of the plots that shoot across my mind are short stories, and ridiculous ones at that*.
That brings us to, which invites the user to"knit cook draw paint tape solder
write install destroy invent document" for thirty minutes a day for the month of February. This means 14.5 hours of creation. I'll be posting there because it's a month challenge that's disjointed enough to accommodate my ADD.

2. Mr. Scruffy Escapes
For some reason, this title popped in my head yesterday, and I wanted to write a story about it. After that, I thought of having my students write about the exploits of Mr. Scruffy. On the way into work, the theme song, The Ballad of Mr. Scruffy interrupted my drive, and caused me to turn of my Zune as my brain started writing lyrics. Who is Mr. Scruffy? Why was he imprisoned? And how did he get the heat vision that he uses to help him escape? Googling Mr. Scruffy, I come up these as the first two images:

Neither of these fellas is who I was picturing, so the search for details on the mysterious Mr. Scruffy continues. This much I can tell you. When Mr. Scruffy was locked in a plastic box, with padlocks securing the top, he used his heat vision to break free. Mr. Scruffy is an escapist. He cannot be held. If you can tell me more, please don't hesitate!

3. Cheese** on bread.
When I buy my bread at the grocery story, I usually buy the pre-sliced kind. Sure, there is a level of awesomeness to a big ripped-off hunk of bread, but it's not exactly the best way to make sure you always have the right amount of bread in your toaster. So anyway, I've got this unsliced loaf, and I made my favorite lame snack tonight. This is the snack you make when you want quick comfort food and you're out of snacks. It's one slice of bread, and one slice of crappy fake cheese (and this really is fake cheese - it's veggie slices (Jalapeno Cheddar flavored)) together in the microwave for 16 seconds. There's nothing about this snack that would make you want to offer it to a friend, but for some reason, it makes me very happy whenever I eat it.


Current was already my favorite TV to watch when there's nothing on. Now that there's really "nothing on, I find that I've got it on more often. What is it? It's MTV from the early days, but instead of song videos, it has 3 - 7 minute pods. The pods are mini-documentaries, video editorials, and reportage. Some is serious, some funny, some is really great, and some is kind of lame. But just like with MTV in the old days, if you don't like the song that's on, wait a few minutes, and there'll be a new pod. My favorite is InfoMania, hosted at the top of every hour by Conor Knighton. It's a snarky look at the world of news, popular culture, and politics." Good times.

5. No-Ridin' Guilt
The weather is not my fault, but I still feel guilty that I haven't ridden my bike since Monday. I got 40 good miles in that day, and was really looking forward to riding on at least Saturday and Sunday this weekend. So here I am, looking at tomorrow's forecast, which is rain, with a high of 57F. I know that seems warm in January, but when you live in Florida, 50's and rain is not made for riding. Nope. I'll go out in cold. But not cold rain. Fortunately next week looks nice, so my guilt should be assuaged if I can get out on my bike after work a few days.
No riding tomorrow means I can catch up on some of the many movies I'm wanting to see.

* Please understand that I'm not discounting ridiculousness. It makes up a large percentage of my being.
** And by cheese, I mean fake cheese.

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