Friday, January 11, 2008

Five for Friday

It's Friday, time for five things I like this week!

1. Pants.
Pants is the best word in common usage. Sure, there are your 50 cent words, your umbrage, your mellifluous, your indefatigable, but pants is so much fun to say. Also: Pants is a great fill-in word, a great answer for many questions, and pants are great to wear!

2. Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris
The hosts of Jordan, Jesse GO!, my favorite podcast of the moment. Each week, I find myself listening, laughing
, and waiting to find out which zoo animal is going to be voted best.

3. Lazy pancake products.

I saw the pancake-in-a-spray-can all over the internet a week or two ago, but I just saw an ad for Bisquick Shake and Pour. Just put water in the container, shake, and pour it on the griddle. How lazy are we that a bowl and a whisk are the deal breaker? If pancakes are that hard, just go to your crappy local family restaurant for pancakes. 4. Wes.
Even though he's chapped his nose, and I can't get him to stop licking it, Wes rocks. I've had Wes since Christmas of '99, and he's a good friend. We go to the dog park a lot, but he doesn't do a lot of playing. He does like to hump other dogs, and he can be a bit cheesy because he waits until they're busy so they're too distracted to pull out from under him. Even so, he's a good guy.

5. Kimya Dawson.
After seeing Juno, I was a little disappointed with how self-consciously hip a lot of the dialogue was, but I really liked the soundtrack. Loaded with songs by Kimya Dawson, I immediately bought two of her albums, and a Moldy Peaches album based on what I heard. I like her simple, unpretentious vocals, sing-songy rhythms, social references, innocent sound, and smart ass attitude. Even though my feelings about the movie were mixed, I still liked it overall. The soundtrack, however, was really good.

(Five for Friday is presented in no particular order. Inclusion on this list is not a guarantee that you will enjoy any of the items.)

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